SystemWare Europe Official Moog S3 Certified Repair Centre

Nov 8, 2018

During the visit Mike Gartside (Operations Director SystemWare Europe) signed the official agreement making SystemWare Europe a Moog S3 Certified Repair Centre.  This will enable SystemWare to provide maintenance and repair services to MoogS3 product users throughout Europe.

SystemWare Europe recently visited Moog Sensor and Surveillance System (S3) in Chicago for advanced technical support and maintenance training. In addition, Moog updated us on the launch of their new MPT (Moog Pan & Tilt) series of positioners. The MPT Positioner Series is engineered with an advanced electronics package enabling new features that simplify integration for demanding applications.

Photograph from left to right Jon Barton (SWE New Business Manager), Kevin Domes (Moog S3 General Manager), Mike Gartside (SWE Operations Director), Andrew Zeilenga (Moog S3 Sales Manager)