We offer a range of VHF/UHF Vehicle antennas ideally suited supporting tactical users in demanding mobile applications & environmental conditions. Covering the frequency range 25MHz to 2.5GHz this range includes ultra wide band and low profile antennas.


Freq RangesSWE Model NumberDescriptionTech Sheet
30-88MHzSWE-10-AD-18/CF-388VHF centref fed vehicle antennaDownload
30-90MHzSWE-10-AD-18/DVHF end fed vehicle antennaDownload
30-108MHzSWE-10-AD-18/CF-3108VHF centre fed vehicle antennaDownload
25-512MHzSWE-10-AD-18/D-3512V/UHF wideband vehicle antennaDownload
30-512MHzSWE-10-AD-21/3512V/UHF low profile wideband vehicle antennaDownload
30-88MHz/225-512MHzSWE-10-AD-18/D-3512-DFV/UHF Dual band vehicle antenna (dual ports)Download
225-512MHzSWE-10-AD-18/EUHF wideband vehicle antennaDownload
225-1000MHzSWE-10-AD-18/G-2210UHF ultra wideband vehicle antennaDownload
500-2500MHzSWE-10-AD-21/5250-MUHF wideband antennaDownload