UHF Pathfinder

Pathfinder is our flexible UHF Hub System for TACSAT and MUOS compatible radio systems. Pathfinder offers a vast array of options making it an extremely flexible system allowing it to be moulded to the customer’s needs. Pathfinder is capable of connecting 12 antennas to 12 radios remotely through a matrix switching system and remotely controlled through the Satcom Sentry 2 software.

Max No. Radios: 12
Max No. Antennas: 12
Frequency Range: 240-320MHz (Antenna Selection dependant)
Antenna Gain: 15dBi (Antenna Selection dependant)
Connectors: N-Type
Max Length: 3937mm (Antenna Selection dependant)
Antenna Beam-width: 30°
Impedance: 50Ω Nominal
Max I/P Power: 50W per channel
Insertion Loss: Less than 1.5dBm
Available Mounts: Non-Penetrating Pedestal, Masts, Pedestal, Motorised, Static, Manual
Operations Temperature: -40 to 55°C
System Communications: RS232, TCP/IP

Software controlled
Optional Equipment Available
Matrix Switch
Rack mounted spectrum analysers
UPS systems
Carrier Monitoring