UHF Antennas

Our UHF SATCOM antennas are circularly polarized high gain helicals designed to withstand the severest of environmental conditions. Solidly constructed using an aluminium mast and ground plane their mesh design allows for reduced wind loading. Covering the frequency range 225MHz to 520MHz this series offers gains of up to 15Bic. These antennas are being used by various Military units and Defence Contractors worldwide.


Freq RangesSWE Model NumberDescriptionDatasheet
Manportable240-400MHzSAT MP-320UHF Satcom Antenna 11dBiDownload
Fixed Station225-400MHzH-064AUHF Satcom Antenna 11.9dBiDownload
225-400MHzH-084AUHF Satcom Antenna 12.8dBiDownload
240-320MHzH-084UHF Satcom Antenna 13.1dBiDownload
240-320MHzH-104UHF Satcom Antenna 13.4dBiDownload
240-320MHzH-124UHF Satcom Antenna 15.0dBiDownload
300-520MHzH-065UHF Satcom Antenna 12.3dBiDownload
300-520MHzH-085UHF Satcom Antenna 13.2dBiDownload
300-520MHzH-105UHF Satcom Antenna 13.5dBiDownload