MPT 90

The MPT (Moog Pan and Tilt) Positioner Series leverages the strength and reliability of Moog legacy products and is improved with an enhanced electronics package offering new advantages to mission critical applications. MPT Positioners are equipped with an integrated Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS). This provides intelligence to users regarding the condition of payloads, allowing for preventative maintenance to extend the life of critical equipment. An embedded web server enables easy discovery and control of all positioners and integrated components on a network thereby eliminating the need for 3rd party software. Expanded velocity control offers the MPT finer resolution of speed and acceleration control, ultimately proving tracking and scaling applications. Users will enjoy the capacity of multiple configurable communication ports for convenient payload integration and communication.

Key Features
Embedded web server
Serial or Serial over IP control
Health and usage monitoringD
HD-SDI slip ring models available
Continuous Rotation available
Multiple payload communication ports: 4 configurable serial, 2 TTL and 1 IP port
Serial or Serial over IP control
Health and usage monitoringD
HD-SDI slip ring models available
Continuous Rotation available
10-bit linear response velocity control
Standardized connectors
GPS capability

Standard Performance
Payload Capacity: 100 lb
Payload Rated Load Torque (Elevation): 90 lbf·ft (122 N·m)
Operating Voltage Range: 24VDC (+4/-0 VDC): 24 – 28 VDC Nominal, up to 70V capable
Pan-Axis Range of Travel: Continuous, 435° models available
Pan-Axis Speed: (@ rated load, nominal voltage): 0.005°/s to 25°/s
Elevation Range of Travel: 180° (± 90° from horizon)
Elevation Speed: (90 lb-ft load): 0.005°/s to 8°/s
Minimum Incremental Move (Az and/or El): 0.01°
Software Adjustable Limits: Individually adjustable azimuth and elevation (all models)
Mechanically Adjustable Switches: Individually adjustable azimuth & elevation (435° model),
Adjustable elevation (continuous rotation models)
Position Feedback: 9000 Line Encoder: Azimuth and Elevation. Resolution: 0.01
Position Repeatability: 0.05°

Physical Specifications
Environmental: IP67
Operating Temperature: Without heater: -15°C to 55°C With Internal Heater: -30°C to 55°C
Construction: Cast Aluminum Housing, Stainless Steel Hardware
Drive System: 1.8° stepper motors, Hardened Steel Worm Drive Geartrain
Exterior Finish: Powder Coat White, special finishes available
Weight: HD-SDI model: 75 lb (34 kg) Standard model: 70 lb (32 kg)
Dimensions:HD-SDI model: 19.59″H (498 mm) x 18.07″W (459 mm) x 9.57″D (243 mm)
Dimensions: Standard model: 16.42″H (417 mm) x 18.07″W (459 mm) x 9.57″D (243 mm)
Command and Control: Integral Web Server
Protocol: Moog PTCR-1000*, Pelco-D
Resolution of Velocity Commands: 10-bit, linear response
Power Outputs to Payload
24 VDC – user on/off switchable: 5 Amp Max
12 VDC – user on/off switchable: 5 Amp Max
5 VDC – user on/off switchable: 4.8 Amp Max
3.3 VDC – constant power: 0.6 Amp Max
Health Monitoring w/Real Time Clock
Power On and Run Time Monitoring: Included
Communication to Sensors: RS232 / 422
Voltage Monitoring: Input and User 24V, 12V & 5V Outputs
Current Monitoring: User 24V, 12V & 5V Outputs
Communication Interfaces to Payload
Serial (RS232, RS422, RS485 configurable): 4
TTL: 2
IP: 1
Connector to Positioner: 53 conductor D38999
Connector to Payload: 53 conductor D38999 (x2)