The PX14400 is a dual channel waveform capture board that can acquire up to 400 MS/s on each channel with 14-bit resolution.
The PX1440 has a 512 MB memory for onboard sample data storage or data can be buffered utilising the onboard RAM providing non-stop continuous acquisition to the host PC sustaining up to a maximum 1.4 GB/s data streaming rate.
Up to five PX1440 digitizers can be setup for synchronous acquisition operations for a total of 20 input channels.

Up to 400 MS/s per Channel
14 Bits of Resolution
PCIe x8l
2 AC or DC Coupled Analog Input Channels
Bandwidth from 100 KHz to 400 MHz

Full Scale Input Voltage Ranges:

  • Amplifier Front End: 200mV to 3.5V peak-peak (in 1 dB increments)
  • Transformer Front End: 1.1V peak-peak

512 MB Onboard RAM for Sample Acquisition
1.4 GB/s Sustained PCIe Data Streaming Rate
Dedicated Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA Processing Options
512 MB Onboard RAM for Dedicated FPGA Processing Option
DDC, FFT, FIR Filtering, or User Custom FPGA Processing Routines
Windows Scope App and Complete C SDK Included
Windows and Linux Operating Systems Supported