The EM-6865 Omni-Directional Wideband Antenna is capable of operating as either a transmitting or receiving antenna over the 2 to 18 GHz frequency range.
The antenna is enclosed in a weather resistant radome.
A 25.4 cm 10 inch support rod provides a means for mounting the antenna to a tripod.
The EM-6865 consists of two-brass biconical elements connected point-to-point to form a hourglass shaped antenna element.

Standard Kit Contents

EM-6857 Omni-directional Antenna: 20 MHz – 40 GHz
EM-6945 Directional Antenna: 500 MHz – 25 GHz
EM-6904 Omni-directional Antenna: 1 kHz – 100 MHz

EM-6133 – Tripod, Mini, Rugged, 10”

EM-1320-120 – 2 ea. 10 foot low loss, SMA male, SMA male

Optional EM-1107-1 – 1 ea. 25 foot BNC male, BNC female

Case Dimensions*
Depth: 19.5” (49.53cm)
Width: 24.5” (62.23cm)
Height: 14” (35.56cm)

* Case listed includes space for receiver.

Alternate smaller and larger cases available