The EC14150 dual channel waveform capture board combining high speed high resolution sampling along with a large memory capacity all in a compact low power consuming ExpressCard 54mm form factor. Signal frequencies up to 200 MHz can be accurately captured either in baseband or in higher order Nyquist zones using under-sampling techniques. With 512 MB memory the EC14150 is capable of sustaining 170 megabyte/sec transfers over the ExpressCard bus interface.

2 AC or DC-Coupled Analog Channels at up to 150 MS/s per Channel
14 Bits of A/D Resolution
Bandwidth from 200 KHz to 200 MHz
512 Megabyte of On-Board Memory
266 MB/s PCIe Bus Implementation of ExpressCard
Compact ExpressCard Design for Mobile Computer Applications
Very Low Power Consumption at less than 4.5W