Base Station Antenna

We offer a range of Base Station antennas covering the tactical HF/VHF/UHF frequency bands, suitable for combat net & SDR radios. All antennas are manufactured using the highest quality materials offering excellent performance and reliability.

Freq RangesSWE Model NumberDescriptionTech Sheet
1500-3000MHzSWE-AD-10/DWideband UHF AntennaDownload
2136-176MHzSWE-AD-11/GWideband DipoleDownload
3400-475MHzSWE-AD-12/GWideband DipoleDownload
4100-512MHzSWE-AD-17/C-1512VHF/UHF Disc-cone antennaDownload
530-512MHzSWE-AD-19/C-3512Quick deployable wire log-periodic antennaDownload
6100-512MHzSWE-AD-22/ALog-periodic VHF – UHF antennaDownload
780-1300MHzSWE-AD-22/CLog-periodic VHF – UHF antennaDownload
8700-2800MHzSWE-AD-22/ELog-periodic VHF – UHF antennaDownload
920-512MHzSWE-AD-39/3512Dipole VHF/UHF antennaDownload

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