This set of H-Field rods provide an accurate standard for magnetic field testing.
For those situations when improved sensitivity is desired in magnetic field testing, the H-Field rod is an effective alternative to traditional loop antennas.
One matching preamplifier with a 1/4-20 mount, covers the entire frequency range and can be used with any or all of the H-Field Rod Antennas.

Included Equipment
TSC-HFR Transit Storage Case
EHA-50B Amplifier, Battery Powered 100 Hz – 30 MHz
HFR-1 H-Field Rod Antenna 10 Hz – 100 KHz
HFR-2 H-Field Rod Antenna 20 KHz – 2 MHz
HFR-3 H-Field Rod Antenna 1 MHz – 10 MHz
HFR-4 H-Field Rod Antenna 5 MHz – 30 MHz
SAC-212 3 Meter cable

Case Size: 28″ x 23″ x 7″
Weight: 19 lb.’s