This Horn Antenna kit is the newest member of A.H. Systems family of antenna kits.
This Antenna Kit provides a convenient solution for increased frequency requirements from 700 MHz to 40 GHz.
This Antenna Kit includes one SAS-571, one SAS-574, Low-Loss cables and adapters in an antenna storage case with several extra cutouts for optional preamplifiers.
All antennas, cables and preamplifiers are individually calibrated.

Included Equipment
TSC-571 Transit Storage Case
SAS-571 Double Ridge Guide Horn Antenna 700 MHz – 18 GHz
SAS-574 Double Ridge Guide Horn Antenna 18 GHz – 40 GHz
SAC-18G-3 3 Meter Low-Loss Cable up to 18 GHz
SAC-40G-1.5 1.5 Meter Low-Loss Cable up to 40 GHz
ADP-203 SMA(m) to N(f)

Antenna Case Size: 21 1/2″ x 17″ x 9″ (54cm x 43cm x 23cm)
Weight: 12 lb.’s (5.4kg)