This kit has enough antennas to complete most common types of testing with each antenna fits nicely into one portable case.
Included is a log periodic antenna, folding biconical antenna, active monopole antenna, loop antenna, DRG horn antenna, standard gain horn antenna and two current probes as well as all the required cables and adapters.
A tripod with azimuth and elevation head and a tripod carrying case also accompany this antenna kit.
Frequency range 20Hz to 26GHz.

Included Equipment
TSC-542 Transit Storage Case
SAS-510-2 Log Periodic Antenna 290 MHz – 2000 MHz
SAS-542 Biconical Antenna 20 MHz – 330 MHz
SAS-550-1B Active Monopole Antenna 9 KHz – 60 MHz
SAS-560 Passive Loop Antenna 20 Hz – 2 MHz
SAS-571 Double Ridge Guide Horn Antenna 700 MHz – 18 GHz
SAS-572 Standard Gain Horn Antenna 18 GHz – 26.5 GHz
BCP-610 Broadband Current Probe 20 Hz – 20 MHz
BCP-611 Broadband Current Probe 10 KHz – 150 MHz
SAC-26G-3 3 Meter SMA/SMA, Low loss Up to 26 GHz
ADP-202 N(f) to BNC(m) Adapter
ADP-206 SMA(f) to N(m) Adapter (QTY 2)
ATU-510 Wood Tripod
AEH-510 Azimuth and Elevation Head
TCC-510 Tripod Carrying Case

Antenna Case Size: 28″ x 23″ x 10″
Weight: 39 lb.’s
Tripod Case Size: 46″ x 8″ Dia.
Weight: 18.6 lb.’s