This kit provides all the reliable antennas, current probes, and accessories needed to satisfy a wide array of customer requirements.
Each component has a specific storage compartment in the carrying case therefore, loss and breakage are virtually eliminated.
Cables, a tripod with azimuth and elevation head, and a tripod carrying case accompany each antenna kit.
Frequency range 20Hz to 7GHz.

Included Equipment
TSC-542 Transit Storage Case
SAS-510-7 Log Periodic Antenna 290 MHz – 7000 MHz
SAS-542 Biconical Antenna 20 MHz – 330 MHz
SAS-550-1B Active Monopole Antenna 9 KHz – 60 MHz
SAS-560 Passive Loop Antenna 20 Hz – 2 MHz
BCP-610 Broadband Current Probe 20 Hz – 20 MHz
BCP-611 Broadband Current Probe 10 KHz – 150 MHz
SAC-211 3 Meter N(m) to N(m) cable
ADP-202 N(f)to BNC(m) Adapter
ATU-510 Wood Tripod
AEH-510 Azimuth and Elevation Head
TCC-510 Tripod Carrying Case

Antenna Case Size: 28″ x 23″ x 10″
Weight: 35 lb.’s
Tripod Case Size: 46″ x 8″ Dia.
Weight: 18.6 lb.’s