Positioners, Cameras and Tripods

Working closely with our key supplier, Moog S3, we provide high-quality, scalable physical security, process monitoring and communications solutions for extreme environments. Manufactured in the USA, our solutions include Pan and Tilt Positioners, Tripods, Infrared Illuminators, Mounting Poles and other accessories. The versatile range of positioners provide an agnostic platform for a wide range of applications from communications to cameras. SystemWare is a Moog certified Repair Centre and as such can provide comprehensive pre and post sale engineering support..

Our markets include:
Commercial: Transportation, Maritime, Surveillance, Communications, Law Enforcement, Airport Security and Drone Detection/Tracking
Industrial: Energy, Oil & Gas
Military: Security, Communications, Vehicle and Man Portable
centre we can provide technical assistance, maintenance and repair as well as pre and post-sales support.