We offer a range of composite sectional and telescopic masts ideally suited to supporting tactical users in a static role or vehicle application.
The ST series are lightweight/transportable composite mast kits best suited for lightweight head loads up to 15KGs. Heights available from 5-12metres supporting static ground mounted applications.

The STV series are composite telescopic mast kits operated by a manual winch supporting head loads up to 35KGs. Heights available from 8-18metres supporting both static ground mounted and vehicle mounted applications.

STV Series – Telescopic composite mast & kit – Download Data Sheet
SWE-10-STV-8/105 – 8 metre
SWE-10-STV-10/105 – 10 metre
SWE-10-STV-12/105 – 12 metre
SWE-10-STV-15/105 – 15 metre

SWE-10-STV-8/128 – 8 metre
SWE-10-STV-10/128 – 10 metre 
SWE-10-STV-12/128 – 12 metre
SWE-10-STV-15/128 – 15 metre
SWE-10-STV-18/128 – 8 metre

ST Series – Sectional mast kit – Download Data Sheet
SWE-10-ST5 – 5 metre
SWE-10-ST8 – 8metre
SWE-10-ST10 – 10metre
SWE-10-ST12 – 12 metre